An Explanation for my Absence

An Explanation for my Absence

I must apologize and explain why I’ve not posted anything since November.

I started a new business. If you’ve ever done so, you know it’s all-consuming. So there has been little time or mental energy for other creative endeavors. Which doesn’t mean I’ve stayed out of wild places. I simply haven’t had time to write about them.

So in lieu of that, here are a few pics from the past three months. I will try to publish something sooner next time.

Evening winter sky above Smuggler Cove near Halfmoon Bay, BC

Start of the lunar eclipse, Jan 20 2019.

Near mid-point of the lunar eclipse.


The Twin Lions as seen from our deck in January (through a telephoto lens, of course…)

Coast Mountains reach the sea just west of Vancouver, from the Langdale-Horseshoe Bay ferry.

From a slightly different perspective.

Rosie Snow Dawg, above Halfmoon Bay at dusk.