I’m Back. No, Really.

I’m Back. No, Really.

My last post was 14 months ago. Building a new business has consumed my time and creative energy.

I’m still building the business, but I can no longer watch this favorite project sit on the shelf. So profits and clients be damned. Herewith the return of To the Wild, hopefully for good.

Much has happened since I last wrote. The business grew. The garden grew. Birds ate my seedlings and brought music and color to the yard. The dog threw up. And there was that little Covid-19 matter.

Through it all, we got out in the wild when we could. Took a few pictures. Caught some fish. Sat in the sunsets and listened to thrushes. Walked in the rain and snow.

And I wondered why I worked so hard when really, I just wanted to take these pictures and share these wild thoughts.

Now we’re all caught up. See you down the road. Or just around the corner.