Our Fishing Gang

The fishing side of To the Wild began with some old buddies sitting around drinking coffee on a fishing trip. (Okay, there may have been some scotch, too.)

We grew up in the Pacific Northwest, spending many days together, just fishing and doing stuff outdoors. About a hundred years later, we’re still doing lots of stuff outdoors. So we decided to share our experiences while we still can.

We’re also concerned that people just don’t get outside as much as they used to. Especially kids. Statistics tell us so, and we all know that statistics don’t lie. Okay, maybe they do. But these statistics are right.

We’ll do our best to bring you the straight goods and lots of reasons to get out there, go fishing (or whatever) and have a ball, and maybe just change your life—or at least the channel.

Here’s a bit of info about our editorial position.



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