What’s this About?

Research tells us that even looking at pictures of nature lowers our blood pressure. Our heart rate. Our anxiety. It cheers us.

Well then, here I offer you pictures from wild places and some little narratives about my experiences…just to help that beautiful inner child of yours smile, if only for a few seconds, and remind you that those pieces of wild in your DNA don’t have to succumb to modern life’s adult demands.

But why stop there? Let’s do this in the interest of world health! Even world peace and harmony! (I’m letting my inner child dream big.) Let’s all get back to the wild.

I hope you enjoy your visit, however brief it may be. And tell me what you think, good or bad.

Burnaby Mountain

Lac du Bois

Always Two Rainbows

My Fishing Buddy

Cutthroat for Breakfast


Northern Flicker

Pink Salmon