Featured Guide: Chromer Sport Fishing

Featured Guide: Chromer Sport Fishing

Here in Vancouver, we’re blessed with an abundance of gorgeous scenery and great fishing within an hour from the city. But the fishing can be challenging. Learning the where, how and when takes a lot of time and exploration.

Terry and Yos with Squamish River bull trout

Terry with guide Yos Gladstone and a nice Squamish River bull trout.

Fortunately, there’s a guide service that specializes in just such challenges. Chromer Sport Fishing gets busy people into beautiful places near Vancouver, offering “guided walk-n-wade” fly-fishing excursions. If you’re staying in a hotel, they’ll even pick you up and bring you back. They supply all the tackle and equipment you’ll need, including including waders and rain gear.

Yos Gladstone (right) coaches Jeff on the basics of spey casting.

We’ve used Chromer for several trips recently, pursuing trout, salmon and steelhead. These guys are focused and professional, but they’re also a lot of fun. And they know the waters, flies and fish.

Chromer Gear

Chromer supplies all the gear, and it’s first class stuff.

One thing we’ve really appreciated about this crew is their honesty and straightforward approach. If the fishing hasn’t been good, or if conditions for the day weren’t ideal, they’ve told us right up front. No B.S. about what to expect. But they also bring crazy enthusiasm when things are hot.  Not that we really care either way. Just getting out of the city for a day, with people who are eager to share their knowledge and experience, makes any day memorable and special.

Pat Beahan on the Squamish

Guide Pat Beahan of Chromer Sport Fishing on the Squamish River.

Our most recent adventure with Chromer was on the Squamish River near Vancouver, fishing for bull trout and steelhead. We hit the river at an off time for steelhead, but we did get into some nice bull trout. Our guides Yos Gladstone (who runs the business) and uber keen Pat Beahan began by coaching us on spey casting, something none of us had tried before. The casting lessons, combined with the imposing scenery of the Squamish River canyon (and ofthe scotch, laughs and stories), would have been worth the trip on their own. The bull trout were bonus.

We’ll be fishing with Chromer again soon. Here’s their website. Phone or email, and go fishing with these guys.