Drought Leaves Prineville Reservoir at Less than 30% Capacity

Drought Leaves Prineville Reservoir at Less than 30% Capacity

A popular boating, water skiing and fishing destination, Central Oregon’s Prineville Reservoir was offering little of any such activity in October. The lake’s water depth normally reaches up to 130 feet deep with over 3,000 acres of water surface. But by late fall, water levels had dropped to less than 30% of normal capacity.

Prineville Reservoir at less than 30% capacity.

Two of the lake’s three boat ramps – Powder House Cove and Jasper Point- were closed in July due to the low water.

Prineville Reservoir boat launch, closed due to extreme low water.

The third ramp at the main park closed in August. Portable craft such as kayaks, canoes and paddle boards can still be used at the lake.

Prineville Reservoir main boat launch closed due to low water.

Fall fishing for trout might be improving, however. “We’ve had reports of trout still being caught west of the main boat launch,” said Mary at the Prineville Reservoir State Park office. “I guess with less water to cover, the fishing is a bit easier.” She noted that with irrigation season over as of the end of September, the reservoir isn’t letting out as much water. “We’ve had some rain, too,” she said. “So maybe things are looking up.”